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Who Should Listen?

All Sponsors who are currently transitioning or planning to transition clinical research trials to a new CRO. If you are concerned about rescuing your study, this webinar will provide tips and first-hand stories on saving your trial. 

Pharm-Olam is ready to help save your study. 

Pharm-Olam prides itself on rescuing trials for Sponsors, and has successfully saved over 100 rescue studies.  During this webinar, we will share with you the years of knowledge accumulated from our experience with rescue studies.  Having to transition to a new CRO during an ongoing study is never easy, however, through the tips and stories we will provide you during this webinar, we will show you a tried and true Sponsor Playbook for rescuing your study. 
During this webinar, we will discuss:
  •  Planning your transition - tips & advice
  •  What to provide Rescue CROs bidding to save your trial
  •  How long to allow for full transition
  •  How to inform outgoing and incoming CROs
  •  How to manage and support outgoing and incoming CROs
  •  Common pain points to be aware of
  •  Contractual requirements - tips & considerations

Presented By:

Shannon Hambridge

Shannon Hambridge

Vice President,
Global Project Management

Pharm-Olam, LLC

Sarah Liddiard-1

Sarah Liddiard

Senior Director,
Global Project Management

Pharm-Olam, LLC

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