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Rescue Study Services

When your study is in trouble, finding the right team to effectively mitigate complex challenges is vital to a successful outcome. We have rescued more than 100 clinical trials by creating flexible solutions that bring your study back into balance.

Our experience includes studies in phases I through IV across a range of therapeutic areas. In the last five years alone, we have rescued studies in disease areas such as infectious disease, dermatology, hematology, nephrology, neurology and oncology.

Because our corporate structure allows for increased flexibility and efficiency, we can work in accordance with your SOPs, provide our own or create a new combination to accommodate your study. Depending on the needs of your clinical trial, we will create a rescue study or trial optimization plan that fits. Our scalable and customizable solutions cover:

  • Full-service global study transitions
  • Partial transition or optimization of select countries
  • Transition or optimization of specific functional services such as:
    • Data management
    • Site or patient recruitment
    • Site monitoring
    • Quality control/assurance initiatives

By providing expert experience and flexible solutions, we are equipped to work seamlessly with your teams or incumbent CRO to resolve clinical trial issues and help you hit important milestones and goals.


Therapeutic Expertise That Supports Your Study

Pharm-Olam’s therapeutic areas of focus have been built to provide an ecosystem of cross-functional, therapeutically aligned teams. These areas of focus create synergies and efficiencies that help to ensure your rescue study or trial optimization solutions are optimally positioned to help your clinical trial reach its goals and milestones. 

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Rescue study process

Proven Rescue Study Processes and Solutions

Its time to stop the fall of your study, and get it back on track.  When issues like delayed enrollment and timelines, budget problems, regulatory issues and resource constraints threaten to derail your study, our trial optimization or rescue services can help. Specializing in rescue study services requires us to be efficient and move quickly to analyze your study’s needs. From there, we design customized solutions to help get your clinical trial back on track.

Your official transition plan will be initiated by our team of experts from specialized areas who work in parallel to execute regulatory approvals, site agreements and logistical requirements. What’s more, they work to build productive relationships that better position your clinical trial for success.

Since slow recruitment is the number one clinical trial issue, we have a rescue startup team that quickly analyzes your options for enrollment. We also provide you with a global network and decentralized operations model that allows us to quickly initiate sites in countries that typically have far higher rates of recruitment than the U.S. or Western Europe. Whether you need additional sites in an active country, sites in new countries or want to transfer an ongoing study, we can help you meet your enrollment needs.

The best part is that our proven processes and solutions are designed to improve communication between all teams to help alleviate future study issues before they arise.  

Looking for assistance on how to plan and execute a rescue scenario?  Watch our on-demand webinar - Rescue Your Study: A Sponsor's Playbook.

Rescue Playbook Webinar

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Rescue Sponsor Testimonial

"When sites identified by other CROs struggled to identify qualified patients, we brought Pharm-Olam into the study to supplement enrollment and limit the damage of slipping timelines.  Now that the studies are complete, we are very impressed with the metrics that Pharm-Olam achieved in terms of study start-up, enrollment and database lock.  I would strongly recommend Pharm-Olam for future projects and look forward to working with the team again!"

Biotech - VP, Project Management

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