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Flexible, But Steady.

Experienced staff give your study the time and attention it deserves

  • Unique needs require adaptability and flexibility
  • When your trial requires processes that differ from traditional practices, Pharm-Olam's team is always ready to respond
  • Our CRAs stay longer, ensuring a steady hand throughout the project*
*Based on industry average

Keep Your Projects Moving

Speedy initial assessments with applications done right the first time

  • 14 day process for Phase I non-oncology studies*
  • 35-60 day process for all other studies*
  • Reasonable timelines achieved by working with our native and knowledgeable staff
*Average provided by the NHS





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"I have worked with many large and small CROs over the years, and would highly recommend Pharm-Olam for any project of any complexity."

- COO/VP Clinical Operations


Everything's Hunky-Dory

Higher standards and better results give you assurance and peace of mind

  • Experience and quality-focus promotes unbiased results, more confident decisions and faster go-to-market strategies

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