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One of Eastern Europe's most promising clinical trial environments

  • Staffed office since 2002
  • Country manager is an MD and has an MS in Medicine (see our sidebar for more)
  • Staff also includes Cardiologist, Pediatrician, Surgeon and Pharmacists


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The Whole Healthcare Story

The Whole Healthcare Story

Holes in the system allow for strong research potential.

  • State-funded healthcare often only covers basic medical care
  • 35.2 per 10,000 physician-to-patient ratio is higher than the US & others
  • Facilities & standard of care are sometimes lower than global standards & patients often have long wait times for advanced care
  • Private insurance is on the rise, but very expensive
Motivated & Primed Patient Populations

Motivated & Primed Patient Populations

Familiar patient profiles and lack of access equals higher recruitment rates.

  • Average life expectancy = 70.9 years
  • Top five causes of death: coronary artery disease, stroke, HIV/AIDS, Liver Disease & Lung Cancer
  • Only 15% of patient enrollment potential is currently used
  • 3x higher recruitment rates than US & EU
  • Patients do not have ready access to modern drug treatments
  • Large primary care & hospital systems support high numbers of potential patients & can accommodate multiple sites under one roof

Well-Defined Contracting Process & Streamlined Approvals

Well-Defined Contracting Process & Streamlined Approvals

Ukraine clinical trials legislation is completely harmonized with respective Directives, Guidelines and Bylaws of the European Union.

  • Recognized as the most advanced of all Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries
  • RA & LECs submissions are done in parallel
  • All approvals are obtained within 57 calendar days. No other study approvals are required.
  • Start-up can be achieved in 12-16 weeks total, comparable to most EU countries

Saving You Time, Money & More

Saving You Time, Money & More

Low cost structure means average cost savings per patient is 28 % lower than in Western Europe and 47 % than in the UK

  • Further reduce clinical trial expenditures by using local Ukrainian CROs and labs that Pharm-Olam contracts with in each region
  • Tap the knowledge of local experts in guiding the application through the approval process
  • Seek support from local staff who have experience in working with regulators in order to gain customs clearance
  • We train sites during investigator meetings and site evaluation visits to ensure adherence to study protocols

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