Advanced Study Opportunities with Industry Thought Leaders

Pharm-Olam’s Native Staff Bring a Steady Hand to Your Study

  • Fully staffed office since 2005
  • Highly educated staff; most with Masters or PhDs
  • Medical Monitor based in Barcelona
  • Full-time Regulatory specialists on staff


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Leading the Way in Advanced Therapies

Spain’s research environment is conducive to studying your next leading-edge therapy.

  • Access to expert investigators
  • Opinion leaders and site facilities & equipment up to high standards of care
  • Staffed office located in Madrid, an urban center with access to in-patient hospitals and specialty facilities
Leading the Way in Advanced Therapies

Stable Timelines & Predictable Study Approvals

Don’t take any chances with your study. Rely on us to get you to completion.

  • EU Directives make for predictable & stable approval processes
  • Availability of Phase I units to support trial activities
  • Expert staff helps you navigate all items collected during study ensuring accurate data collection, making sure design specifications are followed, managing study population data, and providing biostatistics throughout the trial
  • FDA/EMA approvals in ABSSSi, Community Acquired Pneumonia, Intra-abdominal Infections, Urinary Tract Infections and Urinary Incontinence
Stable Timelines & Predictable Study Approvals

See why working with Pharm-Olam in Spain could be the best choice for your next study.

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