Experience & Local Knowledge Working for You

So Your Trial Can Run Smoothly & Effectively

  • Staffed office in Centurion, SA
  • Full Service Solutions & Study Management
  • Full-time regulatory officer on staff, who has been with POI since 2009
  • Data collected from our South Africa office supported successful FDA/EMA approvals on ABSSSI, Community acquired pneumonia, and Urinary incontinence trials
  • Our CRAs stay longer, ensuring a steady hand throughout the project*

*Based on industry average.




Diverse, large naïve patient population

Diverse, large treatment naïve patient population

Massive population with broad pharmacogenetic mix of races

  • English-speaking country
  • Population >49 million
  • Mix of African, White, Mixed Race & Indian/Asian
Access to a network of experienced sites

Access to a network of experienced sites

Specialize in specific conditions or participate in any phase II to phase IV trials

  • Specialties like Cardiology & Metabolic Disorders can be studied at specialized sites
  • Huge opportunity for HIV & Tuberculosis research (the country’s two most prevalent disease indications)
  • Mix of first and third world disease patterns make it a unique opportunity




Urban healthcare infrastructure offers opportunity

Urban healthcare infrastructure offers opportunity

Many people do not have access to reliable healthcare

  • Several hundred public sector, state-funded hospitals and clinics mainly focused in urban cities including Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town and Durban
  • Only 14% of population has private medical aid
  • But there is access to state-of-the-art equipment and South Africa has a high academic and private-sector crossover
More reasons to consider South Africa

More reasons to consider South Africa

  • Favourable exchange rates for EUR and USD versus the South African ZAR
  • Inverse seasonality means year-round enrollment
  • Approximate 3-month trial approval process
  • Government motivated & committed to increasing clinical trial activity

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