Canada: Developed, Welcoming Trial Territory

Pharm-Olam has been conducting clinical trials in Canada since 2003

  • FDA/EMA approvals include trials in:
    • Premature ejaculation
    • Alopecia
  • Pharm-Olam clinicians are bilingual (English, French)





>Attractive Regulatory Framework and Timelines

Attractive Regulatory Framework and Timelines

Fast-track your trial in a hospitable clinical study environment.

  • At 30 days or less, Canada boasts one of the world’s shortest clinical trial approval timelines
  • A No-Objection-Letter (NOL), issued by Health Canada upon approval of a trial, doubles as an import license
  • Scientific Research & Experimental Development tax credits available
  • Trials may be promoted through any media in Canada
Familiar, Yet Unexploited, Trial Market

Familiar, Yet Unexploited, Trial Market

Canada resembles the U.S. and is well-suited for recruitment.

  • Six large metropolitan areas with populations of at least 1 million
  • Open trials per capita is .0089 (versus .021 in the U.S.)
  • Comparably unsaturated trial market relative to U.S.
  • Comparable physician:patient ratio to U.S. (2.2 doctors per 1,000 residents)


Role of Clinical Trials is Established, Accepted

Sponsors will find culture, patient profile are conducive to study success.

life Expectancy
  • Long life expectancy: 81.1 years (10 years longer than global average)
  • Diverse pathology profile: ischemic heart disease, bronchus, lung cancers, and cerebrovascular disease are leading causes of premature death
  • Patients are generally receptive to trial participation:
    • Pharmaceuticals not covered by the Canada’s universal health plan
    • Patients endure longer wait times than U.S. (e.g., depending upon indication, wait times for an MRI could be several months)
    • Trials are an attractive alternative to waiting for treatment via the publicly funded healthcare system

See why working with Pharm-Olam in Canada could be the best choice for your next study.

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