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  • Staffed office since 2006
  • Clinical Operation Manager with 14 years progressive clinical trial experience, including six years of dedicated service to Pharm-Olam International (see more in the sidebar!)
  • Continually expanding South American presence


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Diverse Patient Population in Need of Treatment

Diverse Patient Population in Need of Treatment

Concentrated, heterogeneous populations afflicted with different diseases.

  • Large urban population (85.7% of total population as of 2015); high density of population in urban areas
  • Patient population naïve and unexposed to modern pharmaceutical treatments, willing to participate in clinical trials, rapid enrollment and retention, patient adherence to compliance for the duration of the trial
  • Heterogeneous population: presence of White, Black, Asian and Indigenous peoples
  • Incidence of many types of disease including cancers, HIV, obesity, and rare diseases


Exceptional Pool of Facilities and Clinicians

Exceptional Pool of Facilities
and Clinicians

Study sites and researchers alike are held to the highest standards.

  • Experienced physicians, many having completed doctoral work in the U.S. or Europe
  • Staff trained in compliance with ICH/GCP principles
  • Open market for international pharma: 42% of trials conducted by universities, public institutions, academic centers, and other independent researchers
  • Latin America has the second highest percentage of inspections with no action indicated

Established Clinical Trial Territory

Established Clinical Trial Territory

Benefit from an active, but not saturated, Latin American trial market.

  • Brazil accounts for nearly one-third of all trials in the region
  • Home to development and research centers recognized globally for their sophistication
  • Number of hospital beds per capita in Brazil is higher than in North America
  • Fourteen Brazilian laboratories certified by the College of American Pathologists

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