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Why do Sponsors need reliable clinical trial project management?

Every day missed in your delivery deadline costs your organization millions in recognizable revenue. 

With our approach to project management, you not only get an operational strategy that achieves key milestones, but you also get a synergistic partnership with people who become a part of your extended team. That’s because, at Pharm-Olam, we do more than manage your project. We provide accountability-based teamwork that brings your project home on time and at cost while also proactively managing and resolving any study challenges along the way.  

By emphasizing transparent, two-way communication, we reduce queries, improve timelines, and create lasting relationships. This is one reason why more than half of our new business has been referred by existing clients and why we have a business repeat rate of 82%. 

You are passionate about your clinical trial, and so are we. We understand that you are placing your trust in us to execute your project, and we take full responsibility to bring it to delivery. Our approach and dedication guarantee you receive the full benefit of your clinical research investment.


Pharm-Olam has invested in project managers with deep therapeutic expertise, which benefits you and your study.  You need a Project Manager who has appropriate experience in your therapeutic area and indication to deliver effectively on your study.

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Earned Value Management

EVM: Better Insight For Powerful Study Performance

To keep your study performance on track and on time, we incorporate proven earned value management (EVM) techniques into every clinical trial. This powerful project management methodology provides an additional dimension of project performance insight. EVM use is common in the government-funded space and has a direct benefit to Sponsors on the commercial side as well. 

By incorporating EVM, we quantify time, cost, and value to enable you, the Sponsor, to have a greater awareness of your true study performance.  This approach allows us to improve overall planning and control as well as scope definition and analysis in ways that no other CRO is providing.  Pharm-Olam’s integrated system gives you simultaneous measurements of the data most critical to the successful delivery of your clinical trial.

CRO Project Management - Risk Management

Bow Tie Risk Management

A Visual and Proactive Approach to Study Risk Management

You need a partner that proactively considers and creates mitigation strategies for challenges your study may encounter.  Bowtie is a proactive risk assessment tool first developed for use in the oil and aircraft industries. It connects potential hazards directly to key performance indicators and provides process feedback essential for continuity and process improvement. We use this visual process to identify risk and its likelihood of impacting your project. Once we create an assessment, your project management team will develop a risk mitigation plan to ensure that possible threats do not turn into real-life issues.

At Pharm-Olam, we do not believe in leaving anything to chance when it comes to the success of your study. We create and deploy a bowtie risk management plan for every clinical trial awarded and transparently share it with you for your awareness and buy-in of mitigation strategies.

CRO Project Management - Risk Management

Sponsor Testimonial

“I find Pharm-Olam to be truly an extension of our company. They are customer focused and treat my study as if it were their own. This is atypical in the CRO world where there is often no commitment to corporate needs or deliverables.”  

Biotech - VP of Program & Alliance Management

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