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Phishing Scam Notice

Announcement as of 07 October 2020

Pharm-Olam is a mid-sized global contract research organization (CRO). We have operations in over 26 countries around the world, and we are powered by some of the best talent in the industryWe believe that Pharm-Olam attracts highly qualified people because we are small enough to provide a family atmosphere and large enough to offer our team members opportunities to progress in their careers. 

Unfortunately, the characteristics that make Pharm-Olam an attractive place to work has also made us the target of a phishing scam.  

It has come to our attention that individuals are pretending to be recruiters or claiming to work for our human resources team. Their purpose is to obtain personal and sensitive information from would-be applicants to use for their own financial gain. 

Please note, these scams can feel very real. It is our understanding that these fake recruiters make contact several times and conduct pseudo-interviews. They request information and hold the types of discussions that real recruiters have. However, there are some inconsistencies that can act as red flags should you be contacted by someone who claims to be a Pharm-Olam recruiter: 

  1. Open Positions. Pharm-Olam lists all open positions on our Careers Portal, which you can access hereBefore you respond to a recruiter, check to see if the job is listed on our Careers Portal and apply for said position there to reach a Pharm-Olam recruiter. 
  1. Requested Information: Phishing scams will ask for personal information, such as full name, date of birth, social security number, or bank account data. They may sound very convincing, explaining the reason as being part of a background check processTHIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE. Pharm-Olam uses a third-party service for background checks, and that process is ONLY initiated after the candidate has been contacted through legitimate channels, interviewed by multiple team members via phone or video, and given a written offer letter. 
  1. Communication Channel: One of the most apparent inconsistencies between a Pharm-Olam recruitment process and these phishing scams is the method of communication and use of Gmail or other personal type email address accounts. Many of these phishing scams are contacting people through Google Hangouts and other communication channels that our human resources department never usesLegitimate recruitment with Pharm-Olam will only begin in one of two ways: communication through a professional network, such as LinkedIn, or from an official Pharm-Olam email address (i.e., 
  1. Interview Format: These phishing scams tend to originate in Google Hangouts, or they involve interviews conducted using a similar serviceWhile remote interviews are common in the time of COVID, Pharm-Olam NEVER uses Google Hangouts for this purpose. Legitimate Pharm-Olam interviews take place over the phone or through an enterprise videoconferencing service, like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 
  1. Hiring Process: Scammers will try to make job seekers think they have been hired for a position at the company. They will offer congratulations and ask for personal information to finalize the process. This is NOT AT ALL like our hiring processPharm-Olam extends an offer of employment to a candidate ONLY after multiple interviews with several team members. Further, employment offers are provided in written format. While some personal information may be requested prior to a written offer, this information will never be asked for verbally. We use a third-party, password-protected platform so our candidates can trust that their information will remain safe.  

If you are contacted by someone who says they are recruiting for or on behalf of Pharm-Olam, and they are not using the communication pathways described above, do not provide any personal information. Terminate the conversation immediately and block that individual. 

If you believe you have been a victim of a phishing attack or another form of hiring fraud, contact the following authorities: 

FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center 

Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant