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Patient Recruitment and Retention Services

Helping You Create a Healthier World by Engaging Patients and Supporting Sites

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Your patient recruitment and retention strategy should flex to fit the needs of your study, not the other way around. Our Patient Engagement Services team will build a personalized solution from the ground up that meets the milestones and challenges of your individual clinical trial.

Our experts know that great recruitment and retention strategies must support sponsors, sites, and patients while multiplying value and maximizing impact. Our global network of trusted investigators, high-performing sites, and deep patient databases, along with a myriad of customized services, helps accelerate enrollment, sustain retention, and ensure your study starts – and stays – on time. And because clinical trials are increasingly complex and dynamic, your study will have a back-up mitigation strategy securely in place.

Reaching enrollment goals and maintaining retention are some of the most serious difficulties your clinical trial will encounter. Don’t let a weak strategy slow your study down. Work with the team that will build a strong strategy as specialized as your clinical trial.

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Patient Engagement Strategies

Customized Solutions Sponsors Can Rely On

Your clinical trial deserves more than the typical cookie-cutter approach to patient engagement. We balance the art and science of patient engagement strategy to create a customized, phased approach that will deliver the right results for you.

From a data-driven starting point, we implement the best technology and resources to locate patient densities, deploy experienced sites, and report on KPIs. Then, we go beyond the technology and roll up our sleeves to do the creative investigative work required to recruit the right patients. Once your clinical trial is underway, we continue to work to ensure that patients are retained, and sites are supported each day for the entire duration of the study.  By mapping the site and patient landscape, we create a strategy that delivers support for both sites and patients to optimize the enrollment environment of your study.

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Site-Centric Strategies

Supporting Sites From Startup To Study Finish

Study sites and the patients they serve are your clinical trial’s most important assets. We make it our mission to ensure that sites have the best tools and resources to assist patients and streamline day-to-day clinical trial work. This is why we always bring a site and patient-centric approach to our planning and recommended strategies.  

Based on your study and patient population, we will work with you to deploy educational aides and patient recruitment tools appropriate for the country and specific site being engaged. Our CRAs work with the sites directly to determine which assets provided or available will best position that site for study success by creating that optimized enrollment environment.  Also, because each CRA is empowered to resolve problems and execute site-specific strategies, your site receives personalized attention to help provide solutions for things like screening support, patient travel, or patient recruitment.

Our strategy of working with our feasibility team to locate the best sites for your clinical trial and then providing those sites with the customized assistance, tools, and resources they need positions your clinical trial for success.

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Pharm-Olam Pharm-Olam

Patient-Centric Strategies

Empowering Patients to Take Part in Your Study

The best patient recruitment and retention strategy for your clinical trial will accommodate more than just milestones. It will also factor in the patients behind the numbers. We build our strategies to provide the best possible environment, optimized for patient engagement and recruitment.  

Every study is different, and every patient population requires its own unique engagement and retention strategy.  Our team begins by delving into the patient perspective so that your study’s strategy is customized down to the participant level. We proactively account for factors that may inhibit enrollment or retention, such as illness symptoms, caregiver challenges, or study concerns. Patient advocacy groups often play a key role by providing important information vital to proper strategy execution and consideration of patient concerns.

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Sponsor Testimonial

The recruitment challenges were considerable, and we asked Pharm-Olam to double their enrollment numbers half way through the trial and still meet the original timelines. The team successfully met this challenge.

Biotech - Clinical Project Manager, Respiratory Medicine


Services to Accelerate Recruitment and Enhance Retention

From Phase I through Phase IV and across all therapeutic areas, our patient engagement services team delivers a range of dynamic, customizable solutions designed to meet your most difficult recruitment or retention challenges.

List of Services:

Study branding
Recruitment advertising and collateral materials
Investigator referral source outreach
Patient advocacy group outreach
Site recruitment toolkit and resources
Educational videos (site, patient)
Study Website development and translations
Social media outreach
Prescreening and enrollment services
Patient travel management and concierge services
Patient reimbursement for travel, study visits, etc.
Facilitating Home health and nursing services
Patient retention strategies
Platforms for study design, feasibility, site selection and patient ID

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