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Our History
Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

Focused on Quality Research and the Patients We Serve - Helping Create a Healthier World

Pharm-Olam is an award-winning CRO with a history that runs back 25 years to its founding in 1994, by Dr. Zev Munk and his co-founder and business partner, Eugene Barg. Dr. Munk was a practicing clinician focused on allergy and immunology, serving patients in Houston, Texas.  He was conducting clinical research for years and knew there was a better way to support sites, patients, and the conduct of clinical research.  As a compassionate health care provider, he recognized the need for a flexible and innovative CRO that could help deliver solutions to the challenges commonly encountered during the investigational product development process.

Dr. Munk and Mr. Barg took this vision and established Pharm-Olam International, LLC (now Pharm-Olam, LLC) with its headquarters in Houston, Texas where it still remains today.   

Over our 25 year history, Pharm-Olam has grown organically and established a reputation for taking on and successfully executing the most challenging local and global clinical trials. We specialize in life-threatening therapeutic areas such as oncology, hematology, infectious disease, rare disease, allergy, and autoimmune. Today, we cover over 60 countries with our talented staff, who are supported by our 25 offices around the world.  

Our founder’s vision of bringing life-changing therapies to the world is embodied in our international team of experts who adhere to the most stringent quality standards and strive for exceptional results each day. Most of all, this vision is reflected in our goal to partner with you to create a healthier world.

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Pharm-Olam's History of Global Expansion

Our journey in research has been long and we have so much further to go.  Since being established in 1994 and where we find ourselves today, we continue to grow and support life-changing clinical research by reaching more patients, more countries and through real collaboration with our sponsors.  We are fortunate to be here today, and we continue to contribute to helping create a healthier world.  



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