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Oncology CRO Services

A Center of Excellence Focused on Helping You Create a Healthier World With Optimized Oncology Studies CRO & Hematology

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As an Oncology Hematology CRO, we are dedicated to helping sponsors, like you, create a healthier world through the development of life-changing treatment. Through supporting your research in oncology-hematology, we provide people with more options and hopefully a breakthrough in treatment. Our goal is to make their tomorrow, better than their today. Like you, we are here for the patients, the research and together we can create a healthier world for everyone.


What is a Center of Excellence?

Pharm-Olam created three Centers of Excellence (Oncology Hematology CRO, Rare Disease CRO, and Infectious Disease CRO and Vaccines). Our "centers" are purpose-built to increase efficiency and delivery to timeline and budget. Each Center of Excellence brings together an ecosystem of cross-functional, therapeutically aligned teams that specialize in optimizing investigators, vendors and partners around the world to deliver your trial effectively and efficiently. Pharm-Olam has specifically invested in these three centers to drive true tangible value for our Sponsors and their studies.

This scalable delivery ecosystem/model (one of our pillars in the pattern of excellence) creates synergies and efficiencies that optimize how Pharm-Olam, investigators and vendors collaborate to provide enhanced solutions for expediting and completing your studies on time and on budget.

Working in oncology-hematology requires a CRO partner that is nimble, proactive, and able to scale and reach out geographically to where the patients are, and simply must be patient and site focused.  


Oncology-Hematology CRO Experts

Expertise that Delivers Consistently

You need a Oncology CRO & Hemoatology CRO partner that can rapidly scale and launch your complex clinical trial. You need access to the right sites, personnel, technology and best in class vendors for lab, imaging, etc. We understand drug development is costly and time to market is critical. We share your goals of bringing life-changing treatments to market and recognize that the milestones we manage in your trials are critical. This is especially true with our small and emerging biotechs where completing the next milestone on-time or early can enable them to secure their next round of funding and to continue their development program.

Pharm-Olam created our Oncology-Hematology Center of Excellence (COE) to combine staff expertise with technology, experienced sites and vendors to create a synergistic effect in order to provide increased operational efficiency across all phases.  In addition, we further invested in early phase development where Pharm-Olam commonly finds ourselves supporting small pharma and biotechs.  Our early phase accelerator, which supports both oncology and hematology oncology, has additional enhancements to expedite start-up capability and study delivery.  


You Need An Experienced Team. Look No Further.

In the complex world of oncology-hematology studies, you need experienced CRO staff that can hit the ground running with your clinical trial. Pharm-Olam maintains therapeutically aligned teams and are poised to rapidly move on your study. Our cross-functional team of oncology CRO and hematology CRO experts have the therapeutic and operational knowledge needed to drive conversations with investigators, identify issues and work to quickly resolve them. With a wealth of oncology and hematology study experience, our well-educated project managers have what it takes to effectively oversee your studies, with 85% of project management staff having Oncology-Hematology experience.



“I find Pharm-Olam to be truly an extension of our company. They are customer focused and treat my study as if it were their own. This is atypical in the CRO world where there is often no commitment to corporate needs or deliverables.”

Biotech - VP of Program & Alliance Management

Pharm-Olam Pharm-Olam

Expediting Study Start-up

Getting It Right, From the Start

By leveraging experienced and therapeutically aligned staff with a scalable delivery ecosystem designed to support rapid study start-up, you are able to realize a faster first patient in (FPI) date. Pharm-Olam has focused its solution on attacking the common bottlenecks encountered in early phase studies. We have developed and continue to build out our global network of oncology and hematology investigators, many of which with master service agreements in place — benefiting your Phase I-IV trial.

Are you an investigator and interested in joining our global network/database of experienced oncology-hematology research investigators? Click the button below to submit your site profile for consideration.

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Pharm-Olam Pharm-Olam
Pharm-Olam Pharm-Olam

A Focused Solution for Early Phase Oncology-Hematology CRO

Many of our sponsors are small and emerging biotech and reaching proof of concept quickly, is critical to their future. Pharm-Olam has invested in various solutions to optimize your early phase oncology-hematology studies.

  • Create objective and efficient study designs by utilizing Medidata’s Rave Design Optimizer
  • Expedite site start-up via a network of early phase investigators
  • Achieve rapid EDC deployment through our library of oncology-hematology CRFs
  • Make evidence-based decisions through our enhanced data visualization suite, powered by Medidata Rave Clinical CloudTM, and including our pre-built TFL library and access to on-demand patient profiles

When it comes to early phase oncology-hematology study execution, you have found the right partner in Pharm-Olam. To learn more about why Pharm-Olam is an oncology CRO and hematology CRO partner dedicated to collaboration, see our Why Pharm-Olam page.

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We have provided CRO services across a broad range of oncology and hematology indications and treatment modalities. Areas of particular expertise include:

Head and Neck
Supportive Care

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