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By: Admin on January 13th, 2014

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Pharm-Olam Expands into Israel

In our continued quest to reduce time and effort to bring medicines to market; Pharm-Olam is pleased to announce expansion into Israel. Pharm-Olam continues to look to increase its strategic footprint to offer our clients a greater choice to support their clinical trials. Incorporating Israel into your clinical trials offers you several benefits including:

  • Increased access to patients and experienced investigational sites
  • Expedited turn-around times
  • Ability to process complex trials due to qualified staff and skilled facilities
  • More cost effective than many other countries
  • Significantly better long term follow-up with patients
  • Access to high quality medical professionals
  • Utilizing the effective national health insurance program
  • Capitalizing on the fact that approximately 80% of the entire population belongs to the same health organization (HMO)
  • Taking advantage of the well-developed clinical infrastructure where high ethical and informed-consent standards are universally maintained

Are you interested in expanding your studies global footprint into Israel?

Pharm-Olam has proven people and processes in place to help you expand today. Contact us to learn more.