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Clinical trial investigators significantly impact the future of medical care by playing a crucial role in the drug development process. At Pharm-Olam, we are continually looking for skilled investigators to conduct clinical trials in all therapeutic areas at sites around the world. In particular, we are looking to expand our network across our specialty research areas, which include:

  • Oncology-hematology
  • Infectious disease and vaccines
  • Rare and orphan disease
  • General medicine in the areas of gastroenterology, cardiovascular, rheumatology, respiratory, allergy, pain, urology, and neurology

By joining our database, you can provide your profile to ensure increased visibility when the right studies become available. 

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The Advantages of a Pharm-Olam Relationship


Pharm-Olam is committed to supporting investigators and sites at all stages of the clinical trial. When you join our investigator database, you receive:

  • Notifications of new studies undergoing study feasibility
  • Access to the Pharm-Olam ecosystem of technological, quality-focused, and patient-centric capabilities
  • Customized and comprehensive engagement
  • Early engagement with Sponsors and the Pharm-Olam team
  • Recognition as a thought leader and valued study team member


Pharm-Olam Pharm-Olam
Pharm-Olam Pharm-Olam

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Register by clicking the button below to complete your investigator profile. After you submit your site profile, you will receive a confirmation email.  If you have any issues while submitting your profile, please send an email to  

If you sign-up, we thank you.  As opportunities come in that fit your site profile, we will look to include you in feasibility activities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general responsibilities of a clinical trial investigator?

An investigator ensures that a study is conducted according to the:

  • Pertinent regulations
  • Executed investigator statement
  • Investigational plan

A few other key investigator responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure the protection of study participants’ rights, safety and welfare
  • Control and be accountable for study drugs
  • Obtain an informed consent for each study participant

What qualifications are needed to become a clinical trial investigator?

Physicians are screened by education, training, and experience prior to assuming responsibility for the proper conduct of a study. You do not need to be associated with a medical school or teaching hospital and no previous investigator experience is needed to qualify.


How do I know if my site is a good fit to conduct a clinical trial?

If your site meets the criteria below, you may be a good fit and are encouraged to register and create a profile. It is helpful if your site has:

  • Ample time and available staff to meet study commitments
  • The patient population available to meet enrollment goals
  • Enough available space to properly store investigational products and study supplies
  • Access to a Central and/or Local Ethics Committee or Institutional Review Board
  • An understanding of the budget and compensation models necessary to participate


Why consider becoming a clinical trial investigator?

By conducting clinical trials you:

  • Can offer patients new treatments and access to therapies that may only be available through participation in clinical trials
  • Benefit from the increased recognition as a thought leader within your professional community
  • Remain at the cutting edge of your specific area of therapeutic interest


What happens when I am selected to be a clinical trial investigator with Pharm-Olam?

If you are selected to participate in a trial, a member of our Pharm-Olam team will contact you to coordinate a phone call or pre-evaluation to confirm your suitability. He or she will provide you with an essential study document checklist and some other materials. You will also be invited to participate in a feasibility (eFQ) and/or site identification assessment to verify your interest and suitability.

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