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Infectious Disease CRO & Vaccine CRO Services

Offering global CRO services in support of clinical research for emerging and re-emerging diseases.


Pharm-Olam is an Infectious Disease CRO & Vaccine CRO with more than 20 years of research experience in Infectious Disease & Vaccine. In a time when pandemics threaten the world, Pharm-Olam understands that drug development partners with medical countermeasures (MCM) expertise will be crucial in bringing vaccines and treatments to the front lines of the COVID-19 battle. As an MCM-capable CRO, Pharm-Olam is ready to go the distance in supporting those studies.

We go the distance - to help you create a healthier world.

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Pharm-Olam Supporting COVID-19 Research

Pharm-Olam stands with the global community and the fight against COVID-19.  No other disease in recent history has captured the world like the coronavirus.  As an Infectious Disease CRO and Vaccine CRO, we are poised to help pharmaceutical and biotechs by rapidly deploying their clinical trials in the search for vaccines and therapies to fight this infectious disease.  Together, we can create a healthier world.

Seeking Government Funding for Your Project?

We can help!  Pharm-Olam currently holds memberships in the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC). We also work with the DoD's Other Transaction Authority (OTA) and under Other Transactions (OTs).

Infectious Disease & Vaccine By The Numbers


Global Infectious Disease & Vaccine Expertise

US Government Federal Research

We have supported federally-funded research for more than 20 years. We can support your organization's effort to secure government funding.  Our proven track record has allowed us to collaborate on over $778M in government-funded trials with several agencies including the NIH, DOD, BARDA, and CDC.  

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Expeditionary CRO

As an infectious disease CRO and vaccine CRO, we often have to bring our clinical research efforts to the patients where they are. Our Expeditionary capabilities allow us to add over 30 additional countries to our global coverage. We leverage our staff with strategically-advantageous site relationships and partner networks to reach patients in remote regions.

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Today it's the coronavirus COVID-19. Tomorrow, it is something else. Pharm-Olam maintains staff with deep expertise in infectious diseases and vaccines. Roughly 84% of PMs and 79% of CRAs have ID&V expertise. We are ready to go the distance to support finding new vaccines and therapeutics.  

Antibiotic CRO Legacy

As an Infectious Disease CRO, we have deep roots in supporting anti-infective development. Our long and successful history in the anti-infective area of drug development is demonstrated by supporting more than 50% of all NCE antibiotics approved by FDA since 2013.


Sponsor Testimonial

“Working with Pharm-Olam was an absolute pleasure. The entire team was very knowledgeable, professional and customer focused. They showed an excellent level of organization and were always on top of any issues.”

Biotech - Director ClinOps

Wide-Ranging Infectious Disease & Vaccine Expertise

It’s important to choose a team that has the right kind of therapeutic experience for your clinical trial. Our teams have executed studies for infectious disease and vaccine treatments across a wide variety of indications:

Abdominal infections
C. difficile
Common cold
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Intra-abdominal infection
Otitis media
Prosthetic joint infection
Sepsis/septic shock
Skin structure infection
Tinea pedis
Traveler's diarrhea
Upper respiratory tract infection
Urinary tract infection

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