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Who Should Listen?

All organizations and studies that need direction when planning for GDPR compliance. If you are concerned about complying with GDPR regulations, this webinar will provide guidance and best practices. 

Pharm-Olam is ready to help prepare your study for GDPR compliance. 


The 1 year anniversary of GDPR was on May 25th 2019. 

Where is the industry 1 year on in regards to understanding and implementing GDPR strategies in the context of clinical trials? With official guidance still missing/still in development from the data protection authorities as it relates to GDPR application in clinical trials, how can you prepare your studies and organization to manage an evolving landscape as it relates to GDPR compliance?  We discuss the most relevant aspects of GDPR in clinical trials, as well as present best practices used by Pharm-Olam, using available guidance and current practices in the field. 

During this webinar, we will discuss GDPR and its application to clinical trials and where the industry is in its adoption of GDPR requirements:
  • •  Summary of the basic principles of GDPR
  • •  GDPR roles & responsibilities in clinical trials
  • •  Territorial and material scope of GDPR
  • •  Contractual requirements of all parties
  • •  Information for data subjects
  • •  EU national implementations
  • •  Pharm-Olam GDPR Services


Presented By:

Natasa Spasic_new

Natasa Spasic

Quality and Compliance Officer,  
Data Protection Officer

Pharm-Olam, LLC

Print-Pharm Olam-0350-Edit

Yamin “Mo” Khan

Clinical Operations

Pharm-Olam, LLC

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