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Expeditionary CRO Services

Providing the Tools to Reach More Patients to Create a Healthier World.

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The term “expeditionary” refers to a group of people unified by a single mission. Our mission with Expeditionary CRO services is to provide Sponsors with the tools needed to access patients and communities previously not easily reached. 

The need for Expeditionary CRO services sprouted from the deep roots we have grown over the many years in the government-funded clinical research sector.  Often in federally funded research, we need to travel far distances and support clinical research in environments not necessarily always optimized for study conduct.  This is where our team can support your study/program needs. 

With over 20 years of research experience in government-funded work and working in remote regions, we have developed the skills, knowledge, tools, and partners to execute studies in remote regions of South American countries, Africa, and areas of Asia Pacific that are of interest to Sponsors working in various diseases.  Our team can expand the geographic footprint of your study and bring it to many regions previously considered unable to conduct research. As a result, you support sites and communities in remote areas and countries by helping them to participate in important clinical trials effectively and efficiently.

In the past, expeditionary research has been limited to emerging or reemerging infectious disease outbreaks that occur in areas that are generally considered remote or unable to support research. However, our expeditionary CRO team’s experience makes us uniquely positioned to support your study for any therapeutic area or condition.

Expeditionary CRO Services

“Providing expeditionary CRO services is extremely important because we’re able to provide sponsors with time-saving, cost-effective options that wouldn’t otherwise be available. It’s a win-win because this model can help clinical trials with enrollment while bringing much needed support to patients and communities in remote areas. This is the future of clinical research and it’s available today”

Jason Ezzelle, Pharm-Olam's Chief Commercial and Government Contracts Officer

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New Opportunities for Distant Sites

Expeditionary research is about more than just building site capacity. By expanding the reach of your study into remote areas, you provide sustained support to sites with the right patient population that is eager to participate in clinical research. Because most of these sites would not otherwise be able to conduct clinical trial research on top of their everyday duties, sustained support provides a myriad of benefits.

Expeditionary research gives sites:

  • Additional experience in clinical research and good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines
  • Economic benefits that extend to the local community
  • New options to provide for existing patients with health issues

Many sites around the world have the equipment and the infrastructure, but little to no opportunity to participate in research because of their location. Expeditionary research gives these sites the same opportunities already available to sites in other parts of the world.


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Making Options Available For Everyone

For some patients in remote areas, access to potential treatment options or basic standards of care such as routine checkups can be limited. By expanding your clinical trial to include remote regions and countries, you give patients access to options that were previously unavailable.

Since prospective study indications are not limited to emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases, it is possible to research potential treatments for a variety of therapeutic areas. What’s more, because certain conditions and diseases may be present in high density in some areas, your study may bring new options for people to receive better access to health care providers and diagnoses.

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Pharm-Olam Pharm-Olam


Opening Your Study to Places Few Have Gone Before

Clinical trials are more complex than ever. Helping you to create a healthier world for others depends on real solutions that make the most of tight study budgets and timelines. By taking your clinical trial to remote countries and locations, you gain efficiencies that can help create a better clinical environment to help your study succeed.

From the beginning, your clinical trial may benefit from regulatory environments in some regions that allow for faster study startup and rapid enrollment. Furthermore, your study budget may stretch farther in regions where expenses are less, which makes it cost-effective to conduct clinical trials in these areas.

Another benefit is that study screening and enrollment is streamlined due to the availability of patient populations with a high density of specific therapeutic conditions. And unlike study populations in other parts of the world, patients tend to be treatment naïve which means fewer concomitant medication criteria screen failures.

Since our expeditionary CRO service model is built to work with a variety of therapeutic conditions, you now have more possibilities to bring your study to new populations than ever before.


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Pharm-Olam Pharm-Olam


Cultivating Remote Study Ecosystems

Our expeditionary CRO service model is uniquely positioned to support your study in remote regions through our scalable delivery ecosystem. We work with an existing regional group of partners in each area which means you not only get the benefit of our 25 years of experience in drug development, but you also have access to a network of established, trusted partners with specific geographic expertise. Our decades of experience conducting expeditionary research means the ecosystem needed to support your study is already in place.

By having self-sufficient environments that can support and sustain clinical research in remote locations, we put your study into secure ecosystems that function at optimal levels no matter the therapeutic area. From logistics to the laboratory, to regulatory and everything in between, we have your study covered, making us a one-stop-shop for expeditionary research.

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Expeditionary CRO Services

“After decades of doing expeditionary research, our ecosystem can support and flex to fit many different therapeutic areas from infectious disease and vaccines to oncology and hematology, and beyond. No matter the indication, your clinical trial is supported by expert research.”

Jason Ezzelle, Pharm-Olam's Chief Commercial and Government Contracts Officer

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Distant Geography Requires Flexible Technology

Technology That Goes Anywhere

Decades of conducting clinical research for the U.S. government in remote regions have fully equipped our expeditionary research model to become the network it is today. It is built to support your clinical trial across any therapeutic area in remote locations around the globe.  

In order to execute studies in remote regions, also requires you to have supportive and flexible technology to enable you to capture data and relay it to the cloud.  

Clinical trials and research studies have many moving parts. Site locations may be spread across the globe – or at least time zones – and data management is paramount. Investigators need accuracy in every entry, while patients depend on us to protect their privacy. At Pharm-Olam, we believe in delivering quality CRO services that are right-sized and right-timed. To do that, we employ best-in-class technologies that go the distance to create a healthier world for our Sponsors, our patients, and the world-at-large.

Pharm-Olam leverages our global connections and industry expertise to bring our Sponsors the best technology for their unique clinical study needs. Our team optimizes our CRO services by providing the right solutions to help you meet your research goals.

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