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COVID-19 CRO Services

Pharm-Olam Supports the Fight Against Covid-19


Pharm-Olam is actively providing CRO services in support of COVID-19 clinical trials. As an Infectious Disease and Vaccine focused CRO, we are an experienced and trusted partner to industry and government sponsors in their quest to rapidly develop and test vaccines and therapeutics for drug approval and market readiness.

Pharm-Olam has directly supported clinical trials under Operation Warp Speed (OWS) and continues these efforts through ongoing activities in support of its successor, the Countermeasures Acceleration Group (CAG). At the same time, we have been successfully servicing our other government and industry sponsors by supporting other vaccines and therapeutics undergoing clinical trials.


Robust Emerging Infectious Disease CRO Services

Infectious Disease Expertise

In the past several years, Pharm-Olam has completed 75+ Infectious Disease studies and served 19,600+ patients across 1,600+ sites. To put those numbers in perspective, 85% of PMs and 80% of CRAs currently on staff have worked in infectious disease research.

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Critical Care Setting Experts

Pharm-Olam's teams have deep expertise in supporting studies in an ICU/critical care setting and navigating the common challenges encountered in this complex environment. That knowledge enables us to provide proactive and insightful CRO services for indications from Pneumonia to COVID-19 and everywhere in between.

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Federal Research CRO Expertise

Pharm-Olam has collaborated with multiple government agencies, including CDC, DOD, and NIH. Pharm-Olam is also a member of the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC) and was selected by BARDA to support Medical Countermeasure (MCM) development for the next two years.

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Rapid Deployment & Global Reach

Pharm-Olam supports clinical trials in over 60+ countries. We help our Sponsors rapidly deploy their studies and maximize the subject recruitment period to deliver on-time and on-budget through our global reach and local insights.

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