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Important Milestones in Allergy Research and Clinical Trials: A Timeline

Allergies are common today, but they weren’t always so well understood. While asthma symptoms have been documented since the...

(2 minute read)

Tags: Allergy & Immunology

Site Location Selection: Key to Conducting Better Allergy Clinical Trials

Location plays a critical role in many studies, but the impact of geography has a significant impact in allergy and asthma...

(6 minute read)

Tags: Pharm-Olam Insights, Allergy & Immunology, CRO Services

Allergy Immunotherapy in Review: New Developments in Immune Therapy

Allergy immunotherapy (AIT) is really a therapeutic area in its own right. The treatment approach leverages the body’s own...

(3 minute read)

Tags: Allergy & Immunology

Cancer clinical trials: Recent oncology research studies in review

Oncology is a multi-faceted field of study and a popular one. Cancer clinical trials account for more than 19% of the research...

(4 minute read)

Tags: Oncology-Hematology Disease

How to Choose Sites for Cancer Trials: Central and Eastern Europe

Site location can have a significant impact on clinical trial success. Study protocols often have established timelines and...

(4 minute read)

Tags: Pharm-Olam Insights, Global Coverage

Clinical Trials Today: Recent Milestones in Rare Cancer Research

Cancer research has evolved exponentially over the last two centuries. The first time radiation was used to cure cancer...

(3 minute read)

Tags: Rare & Orphan Disease, Oncology-Hematology Disease

Conducting Clinical Trials in Rare Oncology

Rare oncology is a subset of Oncology that encompasses those cancers with the rarest incidence. They may be a common type like...

(3 minute read)

Tags: Rare & Orphan Disease, Oncology-Hematology Disease

Rare Disease Research in Central and Eastern Europe

There are more than 7,000 rare diseases in existence right now and together they impact millions of people around the world....

(3 minute read)

Tags: Rare & Orphan Disease

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