Who We Are

Pharm-Olam is a mid-size global full service contract research organization (CRO), founded in 1994, and over time, we have established a strong reputation of performing exceptionally in challenging international clinical trials. Our founder is a physician who himself conducted many trials as a Principal Investigator prior to establishing Pharm-Olam. He recognized the need for a flexible and innovative service provider that could deliver solutions for the challenges commonly encountered during the development process. We believe in providing a high-quality service to our clients, on time and within budget. Our ethos is to provide clients with a highly personalized service through our local, full-time, permanent resources.

Your clinical trials are critical stages of a major research and development investment and hold the promise of bringing relief, better health, a more effective therapy, or longer life to patients across the globe. Pharm-Olam understands the stakes for your company and the investment that rides on this next important phase in your quest for marketing or regulatory approval.

We share your excitement and your commitment, and we have proudly assisted hundreds of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life science companies enroll patients and collect the data needed to successfully bring their discoveries to market. Pharm-Olam has an enviable record of supporting planned clinical trials around the globe in more than 65 countries and we are frequently called upon for rescue studies, which typically lead to longer-term relationships based on our ability to achieve results that other organizations failed to deliver.

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Our founder’s vision of bringing healing medicines to the world is embodied in our stringent process quality standards, exceptionally qualified national and international staff, and results-oriented performance. The bottom line speaks for itself – a high percentage of client retention, high sponsor satisfaction, and frequent referrals from a stable client base.

Discover the Pharm-Olam Advantage

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, Pharm-Olam differentiates itself through:

Local Knowledge – Global Presence

Local Knowledge – Global Presence

In many exciting emerging markets, we achieve aggressive start-up and recruitment goals that no one else can offer.

Superior Innovation

Superior Innovation

We plan ahead to access new patient populations, assigning a dedicated Data Project Manager on every study, and using cutting edge technology to efficiently manage and co-ordinate our decentralized model.

Inherent Flexibility

Inherent Flexibility

Adapting quickly when the customer or trial requires processes that differ from traditional practices allows our customers to achieve their goals more easily.



Applying our experience and expertise to exacting standards to deliver intelligible results allows our clients to make confident decisions.

The Partner that Shares Your Mission

Pharm-Olam is singularly committed to optimizing every aspect of the clinical trial process and every functional area. We have enrolled thousands of patients in planned studies and have been frequently enlisted for rescue studies under some of the most critical time constraints. Milestone and performance-based agreements are employed to ensure that budgets and timelines are met.

"I am impressed by the company's organization and your personal drive to make things happen."
- Chief Medical Officer

Our personnel and protocols are focused on delivering the most important elements that our clients require – high quality results with lowered risk, reduced total program costs, and shortened time to market.

With one of the largest global coverage networks in the mid-tier CRO market, Pharm-Olam and MB Quest (the division of Pharm-Olam that provides clinical research services to pharmaceutical and biotech industries in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan) offers access to large patient populations and premium site selection. Our extensive and established coverage of emerging and traditional markets allows our sponsors to pursue their development efforts with an assurance of minimal risk and high quality results on every project, no matter the size or complexity.

Leadership Team

Founded by a physician in 1994, Pharm-Olam has experienced continued growth, while remaining privately held. Click here to learn more about our leadership team, including our founder, Dr. Zev Munk, who remains in his position as the Chairman of the Board.

We welcome your interest and the opportunity to help you achieve success with your next study. To contact us, click here.

We are proud to be members of the following global organizations:

Pharm-Olam International Deutschland GmbH is proud to be a member company of the BVMA - Germany's Federal Association of Contract Research Organisations (link is external).


MB Quest Russia is proud to be a member company of the Association of Clinical Trials Organizations (ACTO) (link is external).


Pharm-Olam's South Africa office is a member of SACRA - South African Clinical Research Association (link is external).


Pharm-Olam's Belgium office is a member of BeCRO - Belgian Association of CROs (link is external).

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Pharm-Olam's Spain office is a member of Asociación Española de Compañías de Investigación Clínica (link is external).

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