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Pharm-Olam established an office in the capital city of Buenos Aires in 2006. Argentina is the third largest country in Latin America and eighth largest in the world. While ideal for all areas of research, Argentina has particularly high rates of incidence of pancreatic and breast cancer, infectious disease, and respiratory disease. Over 90% of population is of European decent, so Argentina has similar disease patterns as Europe and the USA for genetically prone disorders.

Timing of regulatory submission for winter seasonal studies in northern hemisphere should start in September/October to secure approval by March/April in Latin America. The region is an ideal contingency plan for seasonal studies because the number of initiated sites can be determined by enrollment success in the northern study.

Pharm-Olam is registered with Argentina's AFIP and can serve sponsors as an importer/exporter of all clinical trial materials including IMP.

Pharm-Olam offers comprehensive services and functional outsourcing for Phase I to IV clinical research studies in Argentina, including monitoring, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, data management, project management, and biostatistics.

For more information on conducting clinical trials with Pharm-Olam in Argentina, please Contact Us.

Office Location: Buenos Aires
Argentina Demographics

Population: 40.9 million (92% urbanized)
Median Age: 30 years
Language: Spanish
Market: Argentina is predicted to have the 18th largest pharmaceutical market in the world by 2015.

Regulatory Authorities

Ministry of Health (in Spanish)
ANMAT (in Spanish)

Clinical Trials in Argentina Active Studies

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